Click and drag to change your camera’s position.
Every teal UI object controls the experience in a different way.

︎ What You Don’t Know, 2019

Dive into the creative process of avant-pop artist Matthew Dear from his new single of the same name. Floating above you is a magic eight-ball beaming lyrics. In the distance planetary objects orbit around you to the beat. And directly ahead is an elastic wave which bounces, bulges, and twists to the complex melodies. This multi-layered visualization allows you to pivot along eight unique instruments, manipulate the speed of each one, and scratch as if you were standing on a giant turntable. The result is a music video that asks what you know about music creation. Whether through VR, mobile, or desktop, this WebVR experience offers a new way to appreciate the craft of music. Distributed under the partnership of WITHIN and Ghostly International and freely available on the web.
Stills from the experience