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Software as Artwork

4 min
This edition of 50 videos are NFT videos detailing the pursuit of creating software as an artistic gesture. They are made with a combination of custom and state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing tools. In addition, the pieces consititute a credit for access to new and developing projects — ones where software is the canvas. The NFTs were deployed on a custom written contract using the Manifold platform and can be bought on all commercially available ERC721 compatible NFT platforms. Finally, there are two variants of the films: English and French. For more information see the project page.


Charting Artistic Rigor

8.5 x 14”
This limited edition print of 100 visually interprets how abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky viewed the relationship between different forms of art. In his book Concerning the Spiritual in Art he describes this relationship as a pyramid. In this legal sized print, the vertical space is time. Different artforms  are different branches stemming from the apex of the pyramid. In addition, thirty-six artists cited in Jono’s MFA thesis are plotted. The back includes the entire quote from Kandinsky alongside the edition number and artist signature. Printed by Sarah Riegelmann in New York City.


Lost Treasures Found

166 pages
This is a digital download of the Perditis / Inventis book. This download includes both PDF and EPUB versions to enjoy the ideosyncracies of this specially transcoded Ancient Roman text from 63AD. In addition to the transcoded text, there is a preface contextualizing the research process, a bibliography, and colophon expanding on the technological processes used and made to create this unique work.

Perditis / Inventis

148 x 210mm
This one-of-a-kind hand-made book is the physical manifestation of the research made for the project Lost Treasures Found. Made in the confines of Jono’s studio in Paris, France, this book is printed on 200g acid free paper and includes a laser-engraved cover made from statistical information of The Satyricon.

Polysense Postcards

4 x 2”
These postcards were specially made for Lullatone and Jono’s headlining conference talk at OFFF in Barcelona, Spain in May 2016. They represent the approach the team came up with to create Patatap and Typatone. This is an edition of 200 letterpressed at the Aesthetic Union in San Francisco.

Typatone Ringtones

20 sec
This is a collection of 16 digital ringtones for your phone. The ringtones consist of daily idioms, sonified through Typatone. Great for setting alarms, answering calls, or just throwing on repeat for some background music.


27 x 40”
This large format poster was made on the occasion of Patatap’s launch. It uses the same shapes Patatap generates, the poster represents a core theme to the audio-visual instrument; namely the mixing of two sensory inputs. This is offset printed on matte white archival paper by Society6.