︎ Under Neon Lights, 2017

Under Neon Lights is a psychological coming-of-age music video set to The Chemical Brothers track under the same name featuring St. Vincent. Using the immersive qualities of Virtual Reality, guide a young girl from her suburban home through the city as she navigates three distinct stages of her life. The core theme of both the song and the music video question traditional forms of happiness and success. Is this really all I want?
    The song asks questions through its lyrics, dance meter, and dissonant texture to give the song a surreal presence. The music video presents picturebook stylized life, but allows the user to distort these forms to achieve the surreal. As the girl ages to teenager and then to adult both the song and the distortions build. In the final moments of the video our young girl, now an adult, faces all the material objects in her life. These objects, however, are stripped of context and meaning only giving rise to more questions.

Concept images of the female protagonist by Jonas Dinges