︎ The Doomsday Invention, 2015

The Doomsday Invention (link) is the title of an in-depth New Yorker article written by Raffi Katchadourian. In it, he explores the ethics and futures of artificial intelligence primarily through the thoughts, events, and circumstances surrounding Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom. Working with Brooklyn-based studio Hunter Gatherer (link) and the New Yorker art direction team, we realized the publication’s first interactive illustration. This gave added weight to the article’s cover spreads on both the publication’s website and mobile applications, while simultaneously staying consistent with printed material.
    The direction stems from the concept of cumulative computer functions or routines. Each routine individually is rather simplistic, hence the geometric foundation. However, when combined and automated there are radically large combinations that yield unique but cohesive elements. The earthen color palette furthers the mundane nature of these routines. As society enlists more use cases of artificial intelligence,  its currently mysterious movements will emerge as perceivable intent.
Mockup of article on different devices and screen sizes

Early prototype exploring parametric qualities of artificial intelligence routines