︎ Mellow Waves, 2017

Mellow Waves is the  studio album from the band Cornelius. For me it is a varying ride of pensive thought and staccato emotions. There are many familiar hooks and textures where collegiate nostalgia surfaces. In other moments I am caught with unsettling feelings about what is and what might happen — both musically and emotionally. Despite these salient qualities nothing defines Cornelius more than Keigo’s voice. This goes beyond just the sonic qualities of the music he produces. The visual accompaniment for Cornelius’ music videos, album art, and stage performances reinforce the thoughts and feelings as much as songs. When Rostrum Records reached out to chat about collaborating for the American release of a special vinyl press for Mellow Waves, we came up with a special website where you can play custom sound clips from the album alongside his concert visuals.
Mellow Waves, real-time audio/visual instrument available on the web