︎ Just a Reflektor, 2013

Just A Reflektor is an Emmy Award winning interactive short film by The Arcade Fire. It is directed by Vincent Morisset and produced by Google Creative Lab. You tag alongside the heroine, Axelle, as she delves into her subconscious and comes out the otherside. By pairing your smartphone to the website you can control effects on the video in realtime, similar to a stage spotlight. Through this mechanic there are twists and turns to discover that bring you into the film. The yearlong project not only proves exemplary of experimental media, but also brings together the latest frontier of web technologies into one cohesive experience. I was Lead Designer and Developer for the project working with all parties to help bring Vincent Morisset’s and Creative Director, Aaron Koblin’s, ideas to life. We developed a node based effects composer to help let people understand the ability to bring real-time visual effects on the web.

Stills from raw footage, before put through the custom effects composer built for the experience. Photos courtesy of AATOAA.
Node based Real-time effects composer