︎ EZPZ, 2023

EZPZ (link) is an iOS app where the act of doodling makes tiny animations and sounds. Backed by sophisticated effects and sequencing, simple gestures with the flick of a finger come together to make techno melodies and beats. Choose from 15 generative brushes accompanied by hifi samples imagined, selected, and engineered by the acclaimed music producer Cari Lekebusch. These vibrant and reactive sounds are literally at your fingertips. With EZPZ music making has never been more fun. Let your fingers doodle to relax, play, or make your next masterpiece. EZPZ puts a unique synesthetic experience in your pocket.
EZPZ, Web Preview, 2023

Stockholm, Sweden • 15 Generative Brushes • Body • Soul • Minds • Vessels • Space • Warp • Shell • Eyes • Ghost • Arise • Fallen • Planes • Cloud • Rays • Shade

This app is powered by a custom audio-visual engine developed at Chroma Studios. The team, composed of members in Stockholm, Helsinki, and Los Angeles, have been quietly working since 2021 to harness technology in order to redefine audio entertainment. For more on them and their other apps follow Chroma on Instagram.
   To commemorate the launch I minted 5 NFTs which you can view or collect on Foundation. See the collection. The app is free to download, use, and publish your own derivative works.