Still Life Study 1. Minted 12/10/21 on Foundation.

Still Lifes Studies, also known as SLIFES tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, is a collection of NFTs that represent seamlessly looping videos created by a program I am developing. The program uses a seed word to generate a unique animation.

While coded entirely in JavaScript, the visual output is inspired by the practice of still life paintings. The title of each animation tags the version of the code and its seed phrase which are often obfuscated for privacy reasons.

In these studies many still frames come together to create the illusion of life.

A selection of still frames from 15 different studies. Minted in December, 2021 and airdropped to newsletter subscribers on Foundation.

For more details on the full collection see Still Lifes Studies on Foundation, OpenSea, or the SLIFES contract on Etherscan.